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by Tannis
21 Sep 2008 14:32
Forum: Electronic Sports World Cup
Topic: New season 2008-2009
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Re: New season 2008-2009

Hi, I think the 5 rounds/map and 100pts overall are ok as the matchs should last about as long as before. Though I don't really agree on the warmups removal, as Rapt said it would be nice to have at least 1 for the sake of giving the players a quick break. Someone should explain (or do it again beca...
by Tannis
12 Jul 2008 19:19
Forum: Trackmania Nations Forever Talk
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An example of this is the retierment of nWo, because of the release of Forever. Ahh, so that was the reason ..! :) nwo "retired" because a few players parted ways with the team, and that the rest was pretty inactive. And concerning the 2nd point, it was before Forever was even released. But that's ...