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by okjit
26 Dec 2008 11:26
Forum: ToolBox
Topic: Dedicated server for TMNF/TMU-F (2011-02-21)
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Re: Dedicated server for TMNF/TMU-F (2008-12-05)

My server cant connect to master server. my settings are: <masterserver_account> <login>fonkel</login> (account name) <password>PASSWORD</password>(my password) <validation_key>xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxx</validation_key> (key I got whe I made the account) </masterserver_account> account is made ingame,...
by okjit
25 Dec 2008 15:06
Forum: Aseco/RASP 2
Topic: ASECO/RASP TMF 2.2.0c [08/6/26]
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Re: ASECO/RASP TMF 2.2.0c [08/6/26]

I get an error at starting the aseco.bat
Fatal error: Call to a member function getname<> on a non-object in C:\Aseco\Aseco.php on line 389
error level 255

line 389 says:
// set plugin's silent state to aseco's silent state ...

how can I solve this?
by okjit
11 Apr 2008 19:02
Forum: FAQ/Tutorial forum
Topic: [TUTORIAL] classic Dedicated server updated : [20-11-2006]
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Re: [TUTORIAL] Dedicated server updated : [20-11-2006]

how to add commands to a Server??