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by Deaf_warrior
08 Feb 2019 20:37
Forum: Trackmania Talk
Topic: Track search by a screenshot
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Track search by a screenshot

I think we all come by some TM screenshots where we look and say: "Man, that looks like an awesome track!", but you have no idea of how to search for it as you only have the picture. So I thought of this topic and I'll start with this: I gue...
by Deaf_warrior
15 Apr 2017 14:42
Forum: Trackmania Sunrise Talk
Topic: TM Sunrise working on Windows 7 x64!!
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Re: TM Sunrise working on Windows 7 x64!!

The first guide works for me, but I want to play tms, so I followed the second guide: It didn't work. The first guide + step 7 and 8 from the second guide: Still didn't work. In both cases the Starforce verification wants me to reboot my computer over and over again and if I click no, I can't play. ...
by Deaf_warrior
11 Jul 2008 19:32
Forum: News
Topic: Fix (optional patch)
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When I try to run the patch, it says:
"The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program."
Do I really need a new TMUF?