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by muhaX
02 Sep 2008 17:32
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: big flag covering 2/3 of screen
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big flag covering 2/3 of screen

When I'm driving a certain map, I'm always getting a big flag in my face instead of thumbs. All my clanmates see the thumbs (doesn't matter if they have united or not) Here is the example: what should be:
by muhaX
28 Aug 2008 17:59
Forum: XAseco & XAseco2
Topic: [(X)Aseco/FAST] AutoQueue v0.75
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Re: [(X)Aseco/FAST] AutoQueue v0.35b

great program, but their is still a problem. When the players start at the last round of a track (because the top player has already 36 of the 37 points), it could happen that the last player already leaves, because he knows he's lost. So the first quequed player takes his place. But at the end of t...