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by oze
13 Nov 2009 20:13
Forum: RemoteCP 4
Topic: [Version] remoteCP 4 - TMF only
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Re: [Version] remoteCP 4 - TMF only

Probably a stupid question, but where can I download the "RemoteCP" zip file? If I look at the first post, I should find it on, but I only seems to find RemoteCP 4 plugins there. I am overlooking something?
by oze
25 Dec 2008 14:09
Forum: XAseco & XAseco2
Topic: XASECO (TMN/TMF) v1.04
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Re: XASECO (TMN/TMF) v1.04

Because leaving the <ipaddress> field empty already disables the check for the corresponding login. :wink: but everytime u add an admin/op ipaddress is set, u have to remove it by hand and restart or am i missing something? You only mentioned config.xml which contains the MasterAdmins list. That al...