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29 Jun 2010 03:08
Forum: Movies / Replays / MT clips
Topic: EnvMix
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To celebrate the revolutionary breakthrough known as Environment Mixing, I decided to make a fun little video of it! I had two main goals in this little project of mine: To show that basic MT can still make a video enjoyable, and To show-off the EnvMix technology! The links are here: TM-Tube: http:/...
10 May 2010 03:35
Forum: TrackMania 2 Talk
Topic: queastion on environments?
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Re: queastion on environments?

One will probably be named Valley.
There's rumors of another one being called Arena.
The third is entirely unknown.
21 Sep 2009 22:37
Forum: TrackMania 2 Talk
Topic: Trackmania2 Beta???
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Re: Trackmania2 Beta???

I never thought about that. That's a good point. If zooz is right and Nadeo will take about 2 months testing this game, April sounds like a good estimate. IMO, late 2010 is a long time to wait anyway.

EDIT: I think what he meant is that April was the 'Average' between all the months.
17 Sep 2009 00:14
Forum: Trackmania Sunrise Talk
Topic: tm sunrise wont start on my vista
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Re: tm sunrise wont start on my vista

I know this topic is a year old, but now I'm having problems. I have Windows 7, so I don't know if that makes any difference. Anyway, I've done everything suggested earlier (run the game directly as administrator), and have patch 1.51. When I go to launch the game, DefenceLine pops up and says "Appl...
13 Jul 2009 01:42
Forum: Movies / Replays / MT clips
Topic: Praeludium
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It's finally done! I can't believe how well it turned out. This video is to show how good camerawork can make the most out of a movie. Special thanks to tmjonas for letting me use one of his tracks. Thanks! 8) I've posted it on two sites, TM-Tube and You-Tube. Please, check it out! TM-Tube: http://w...