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by PastaChief
11 Apr 2010 11:22
Forum: Trackmania Nations Forever Talk
Topic: Real Physics?
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Re: Real Physics?

The wheels turn if you have the graphics up high enough.
by PastaChief
10 Apr 2010 12:17
Forum: Competitions
Topic: Full Speed/SpeedTech Contest - Video included
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Re: Full Speed/SpeedTech Contest - Video included

Sure, I'm in.

Name is PastaChief, skill is probably sub-kickass. I'll get racing right now.
by PastaChief
31 Dec 2009 04:24
Forum: Trackmania Forever Ladder
Topic: Classic Fullspeed 90K
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Re: Classic Fullspeed 90K

I checked it out and I like it :thumbsup: :scene:
by PastaChief
15 Dec 2009 11:39
Forum: Trackmania United Forever Talk
Topic: Protips for a Coast n00b?
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Re: Protips for a Coast n00b?

I would say that the white tracks are hardest for several environments, coast being one of them. You have to know to ease off the accelerator before the turn, then drive out of the corner. If you try too hard, you will slide and crash, but if you take it too easy you won't do well. Try to take turns...
by PastaChief
16 Aug 2009 05:55
Forum: Trackmania Talk
Topic: Best accidental stunt/crash
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Re: Best accidental stunt/crash

Once I did a crazed spinning chaos 900 (or something like that)

It had about 7 exclamation marks expressing how cool it was. Also, you better believe someone was spectating me at the time :D
by PastaChief
17 Jun 2009 06:51
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Lost all my medals :(
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Re: Lost all my medals :(

Something like this happened to me. I was playing the game, quit and shut off the computer. Crazy stuff went down overnight, and I had to get out the fixy disc just to start Windows. When all is done and fixed, the only remaining problem is my complete lack of medals. Damn. You need to look for them...
by PastaChief
24 May 2009 06:41
Forum: Trackmania United Forever Talk
Topic: Island E
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Island E

Is it just me or is it surprisingly easy to get author?

I only raced it once and got the medal, and haven't looked at it since. I'm not even all that good at Island. Surely it would be considerably harder, looking back at the black tracks in Nations.
by PastaChief
20 May 2009 11:24
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Small issue
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Small issue

Hi. I recently installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2009, and everything seems fine, until tonight. While playing TrackMania I noticed some lag (a second wait) when pressing space to talk. It happened again when I pressed enter. Thinking it was just the server, I tried again in another one. Same pr...
by PastaChief
18 May 2009 08:22
Forum: Trackmania Forever Ladder
Topic: 100k Server Times
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Re: 100k Server Times

Thanks Flash, thats all I wanted. Hopefully they find it possible in the future than... waking up 7am after a Saturday night is not always plausible for me and some other people outside of Europe. Gee, waking up 7am must be so hard. For me, the servers are on after midnight on a Sunday night. Due t...