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by Spider_hip
21 Aug 2009 10:37
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Trackmania Nations NAT Problem
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Re: Trackmania Nations NAT Problem

Hi guys, I have a smilar but weird problem.. I can cracte a server with dedicated.. I add xaseco to it.. And I did all the things that I have to do, which writen on the topics... Everyone can see my server, and when I first created, they can connect, plus I can connect from internet.. But after a wh...
by Spider_hip
15 Aug 2009 21:58
Forum: FAQ/Tutorial forum
Topic: My server isn't accessable/firewall/router problems
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Re: My server isn't accessable/firewall/router problems

Well I have another weird problem.. I create a dedicated server with xaseco with plugins.. I use 2352 and 3452 ports with dedicated. Beceause I read that kind of tutorial before which writes tmnf is better with these ports. Whatever.. When I create a server, people can join to my server for a while,...