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by matteochirco
13 Jul 2017 15:39
Forum: Mods
Topic: Post Mod requests here
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Re: Post Mod requests here

Hey, I have an idea of a mod I'd like to request. I want to know if somebody can create a mod (in any environment) that is in total blackness seeing nothing but the road. This would almost give the impression you are riding the track in space. It shouldn't be something too difficult to create. I'm g...
by matteochirco
03 Jul 2017 19:08
Forum: Tracks
Topic: Reach for the Sky (TmUnlimiter) 5+ hours long - Screenshots
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Reach for the Sky (TmUnlimiter) 5+ hours long - Screenshots

This project has been put on hold since 2012. This is a platform/RPG track in which the main goal is for you to reach the very top of the map. This map uses TM UNLIMITER 0.4.2 Since this map is very resource intensive, it is HIGHLY recommended that you have powerful specs or set the game settings to...
by matteochirco
03 Jun 2017 21:25
Forum: ToolBox
Topic: Hosting an Internet server
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Hosting an Internet server

Hello there. I am a total newbie at this. Ever since I had owned this game I always wanted to create an internet server so I could host all my track creations and watch others play them . I always was facing difficulties with this . The port-forwarding was the main issue for me, even going on portfo...
by matteochirco
09 Apr 2011 14:43
Forum: ToolBox
Topic: How do you host a server?
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How do you host a server?

I really would like it if I could host a server that featured my whole collection of tracks so people could play on them. I tried this so many times but I keep getting errors. I want to host a internet server just like the others I see on TMUF so they could join and play them. Whats the a difference...