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by Chralex
13 Mar 2010 17:22
Forum: TrackMania 2 Talk
Topic: TM2 3rd enviroment.
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Re: TM2 3rd enviroment.

I would love to have an island enviroment, but more like Motorstorm Pacific Rift style than the original TMU island enviroment... maybe havemonster trucks as the cars Or a salt flats enviroment, with cars that look like they are built with parts of other things, built entirely by the owner, if you k...
by Chralex
23 Nov 2009 16:38
Forum: TrackMania 2 Talk
Topic: What would be your first custom block?
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Re: What would be your first custom block?

An office building with an open window you jump into, drive through and out the other side.

Would be even better if The windows could be smashable and little tables and chairs that move when you hit them :L
by Chralex
22 Nov 2009 12:45
Forum: TrackMania 2 Talk
Topic: New Track Pieces
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New Track Pieces

Just an idea...

Maybe moving obstacles?

Or walls you can smash through if your going fast enough, or knocking over things to make shortcuts and stuff, if you going fast enough.

Simpler than it sounds :L

Just a little idea.
by Chralex
21 Nov 2009 14:01
Forum: TrackMania 2 Talk
Topic: TM2 Copper relevence?
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TM2 Copper relevence?

As we all know coppers are the currency of TM. As most of us know coppers are utterly and entirely useless. The only thing they are for is buying models/skins/mods of manialinks that you can get for free off carpark or TM-mod. In TM2 maybe they could have more relevence. I think maybe their could be...
by Chralex
21 Nov 2009 13:53
Forum: TrackMania 2 Talk
Topic: damage to vehicles?
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Re: damage to vehicles?

I'm up for aesthetic car damage, with maybe gameplay affecting car damage as an option...

Collisions? No. You'd need multiple start lines, wider roads... basically the hole game would need to be redone!

But yes, I am up for car damage :D