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by ShadowXXX
10 Aug 2012 12:30
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Stuck with low-res textures (hud/track)
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Re: Stuck with low-res textures (hud/track)

Still having this issue, ive tried everything in this thread, nothing works
by ShadowXXX
09 Aug 2012 18:07
Forum: Trackmania Talk
Topic: A graphical problem
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Re: A graphical problem

Same problem here, why hasnt this been fixed by now....
by ShadowXXX
01 Jan 2010 18:59
Forum: Trackmania Talk
Topic: Why always F1 cars?
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Re: Why always F1 cars?

Because mostly all players have the games free version, which has only the Stadium Car (the f1 type), only the people who have purchased the game can play the other styles
by ShadowXXX
01 Jan 2010 18:33
Forum: Trackmania Talk
Topic: Account SALE
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Re: Account SALE

Seriously though,
If you want to sell it, then please say that it`s an United account. Any fairly good driver can get 70k LP in a week or so...
by ShadowXXX
01 Jan 2010 18:28
Forum: Skins
Topic: Help
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i followed the how to paint your own skin guide on TMC, but i dont understand this step: The last step is to re-establish the original pre-shading of the objects. Therefor, load the complete original Prelight texture and insert it as a layer/object on the top of all others. i have photoshop 7.0, wha...
by ShadowXXX
01 Jan 2010 15:20
Forum: Skins
Topic: Hi! I have 2 questions, please help :)
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Hi! I have 2 questions, please help :)

Hi! I`m new here and I need help (a new guy needing help, what a surprise,huh....) First of all, I tried to paint my own skin (stadium car) with photoshop 7.0, everything was going great since I was following THIS (<<clicky) guide, but then I encountered a problem with this step The last step is to ...