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by NitroNumZie
15 Apr 2006 17:19
Forum: FAQ/Tutorial forum
Topic: How to use color codes and formatting tags in TM
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Hm - I too have problems with this formatting First - the no. of characters are to few? My name is NitroNumZie I want the Nitro to be in green #093, italic with a shadow and then NumZie to be straight forward in white (don't know if shadow would look better). But I have two problems: 1. I cannot get...
by NitroNumZie
15 Apr 2006 13:54
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: How good graphics card is needed?
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How good graphics card is needed?

Hi I'm on the verge of buying a new computer - a laptop. I wonder how good a graphics card is needed to play Trackmania Nations? I've seen some with on-board Intel 850, 900 and 950 chipsets gfx cards - I now they are not great - but can they run TMN so I can play without having any playable problems?