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by Sanara12
10 May 2010 19:31
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Topic: Nickname
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I need someone to help me with my name.

My name online in Trackmania United is PureEnergy.

I was wondering if someone could make it interesting.. :)

If you guys could help me with that i would be more than glad :lovetm :pil
by Sanara12
27 Apr 2010 19:41
Forum: Skins
Topic: Post Skin requests here
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Re: Post Skin requests here

I have a skin request. My request is a light blue neon with Pure Energy in text at the back of the car The neon file can be sent to this email: Please let me know if you wonder about anything:) PS: i pay 300 copper's If the neon could be for all type of cars in TMU i ...
by Sanara12
25 Apr 2010 09:11
Forum: Vehicles
Topic: TMU Car
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Hi i was hoping someone could make a skin for me. The things i've thought be good for the skin was Orange neon under and Radioactive in neon behind the car. Other i think i would have a black car with some cool efects on. I hope someone can help me make a skin that looks like that :) I am not reques...