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by shift
13 Jul 2010 15:41
Forum: Vehicles
Topic: I sell cars
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Re: I sell cars

those cars are fresh
by shift
13 Jul 2010 15:38
Forum: Tracks
Topic: new track with cop chase
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new track with cop chase

drifting and getting chased by cops is some of my favourite things about a racing game since tmu dont have police or collisions i decided to put the police on this track so you can get the feel of being chased by cops if you want a challenge avoid running into the cops if your a pussy then just driv...
by shift
11 Jul 2010 22:16
Forum: Vehicles
Topic: Post Model requests here
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Re: Post Model requests here

ghost rider!!!!!!
by shift
11 Jul 2010 22:10
Forum: Mods
Topic: Post Mod requests here
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Re: Post Mod requests here

paradise city off of burnout paradise
by shift
11 Jul 2010 19:36
Forum: Tracks
Topic: RS(RevelationSkirmish)Remix
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i started making remixes ofRevelation Skirmish Tracks and this is my remix of RS-Victorious (correct me if im wrong with spelling) ... 46763#auto :gobananas:

Please give me your opinion :thumbsup: