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by mic95
10 Apr 2011 10:04
Forum: ToolBox
Topic: Game FIX (2010-03-15 , 2.11.26)
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Re: Game FIX (2010-03-15 , 2.11.26)

please can someone tell me where i can get tmu for free ??? i have paid for the tmu player key and i had to get computer wipped beacuse of a virus i've download tmn and logged in with my tmu acc + player key this have gave me... game type : nations account type : untied this lets me go on all stadui...
by mic95
23 Feb 2011 17:02
Forum: Trackmania Forever Ladder
Topic: 60-90k sever (tracks alound)
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60-90k sever (tracks alound)

im planing on making a -90k sever soon but have 1 question it say's 45sec + would a track with only 1-2 dedi recs on 44.xx be ok on -90k sever or not the 2 tracks are in link below (tmx search) tracks = longtechstyle 1+2 and can be found...
by mic95
20 Dec 2010 11:46
Forum: Trackmania Nations Forever Talk
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it is unfair that us paid players cant search the severs to join with-out using the 'search' usally we could witch sever are full , good to join, similar ranks ect but now it takes about 20 pages of freezone befor we can :( any way we can not see freezone severs ( remove them from search ) if we are...