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by River_Rat24
07 Mar 2012 05:19
Forum: Vehicles
Topic: Post Model requests here
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Re: Post Model requests here

I was thinking it would look pretty funny and cool to have a guy in a wheelchair with his arms spinning the wheels like crazy. I've seen a couple cows on tricycles and it's hilarious. I'd love to be leading a pack of corvettes, porsches and ferraris driving a wheelchair dude! :3 :thumbsup: :lol: I w...
by River_Rat24
07 Mar 2012 05:08
Forum: Vehicles
Topic: Carpark gone?
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Carpark gone?

I can't access carpark. I get a error message to contact administrator. Is the website dead?
by River_Rat24
08 Jun 2011 20:34
Forum: Trackmania United Forever Talk
Topic: need info on system specs
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need info on system specs

I've been looking for system requirements that I would need to run United Forever in online servers and get the best graphics I can and still keep a decent frame rate fast enough to where it's not a disadvantage. Minimum requirements I find easily but nothing can be found as far as what I'm looking ...
by River_Rat24
06 Jan 2011 03:01
Forum: Competitions
Topic: The Competo 24h-race IV
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Re: The Competo 24h-race IV