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by steweir
22 Nov 2011 22:20
Forum: ServerMania
Topic: TMO ingame create server
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TMO ingame create server

Can anybody help me. Every time I try to create a server
I get the message you seem to be on a private network
so no one can join in. Have followed all instructions and
turned off firewall but still wont work. I need some help anybody got any advice ?
by steweir
25 Sep 2011 19:59
Forum: Trackmania Talk
Topic: lost password for tm track exchange
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lost password for tm track exchange

Hi all Can anybody help me with a recent problem, I have been trying to get onto the tm-track exchange site for a while now only problem is that I have lost my password, the site tells you to send an e-mail to to retreive your info only prob is the mail keeps getting returned so...
by steweir
01 Feb 2011 22:48
Forum: Trackmania Original Talk
Topic: "bad proxy Configuraton" in TMO
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Re: "bad proxy Configuraton" in TMO

Got the same problem as Uno, can't connect , but can play tmu & tms on-line no probs so whats up with tmo.


by steweir
29 Jan 2011 23:33
Forum: Trackmania Talk
Topic: Bad Proxy Config
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Bad Proxy Config

Hi guys whats going on with TMO have not been able to get online for over a week now, tried everything even tried a differant computer, still get the same old message, bad proxy config. Help, Help, Help
by steweir
28 Jan 2011 20:00
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: bad proxy config
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bad proxy config

Hi guys I have been playing this game for a few years now and have never had any prob logging onto the game, now within the last week am getting the message bad proxy config, am getting withdrawl simptoms help me out somebody anybody with an answer for this. :roflol: