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by amos2000
20 Apr 2011 07:56
Forum: TrackMania Wii Talk
Topic: Friend Codes
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Re: Friend Codes

Hi all. My friend code is:


...and I look forwards to trying out your tracks! I'd welcome any feedback on mine too.

by amos2000
16 Apr 2011 21:05
Forum: TrackMania Wii Talk
Topic: Trackmania Wii Crashing/Freezing!
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Re: Trackmania Wii Crashing/Freezing!

Mine crashes on the Snow editor, but I haven't used that one so much so can't be more precise. However it crashes constantly when using the castle road type on the rally terrain editor. Seems to be especially when 5+ levels up, especially if the split-level crossroads piece has been used, and especi...