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by Pvtspoon
10 Dec 2015 12:24
Forum: Trackmania Nations Forever Talk
Topic: Trackmania Leaderboard
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Trackmania Leaderboard

I run a lunch time & after school gamesclub where i work the trackmania server is not internet facing but id like to try & offer the students a league & at the end of each term the winner most points ect gets a skin/car to run for a term. so is there a quick easy way of getting win/loss data out of ...
by Pvtspoon
09 Jul 2015 08:14
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: TMN remote client launch
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TMN remote client launch

Hi Ive got problems with launching TMN using a remote client it fire's up the .exe screen goes black but then crashes & returns to desktop, but TMN launch's from from the desktop fine, just die's when the remote client launch's it Any one got any ideas of whats happing ? is there a crash log ? for T...
by Pvtspoon
08 Jul 2015 11:11
Forum: Trackmania Nations Forever Talk
Topic: stay offline mode
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stay offline mode

is there a command to launch tmn with out having to click the online or stay offline buttom ? as i need it in offline mode only

by Pvtspoon
07 Jul 2015 13:29
Forum: ToolBox
Topic: Dedicated server for TMNF/TMU-F (2011-02-21)
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Re: Dedicated server for TMNF/TMU-F (2011-02-21)

Im new here but need help with tmn server when the server starts it shows this [2015/07/07 13:48:53] Initializing... [2015/07/07 13:48:54] Configuration file : dedicated_cfg.txt [2015/07/07 13:48:54] Loading system configuration... [2015/07/07 13:48:54] ...system configuration loaded [2015/07/07 13:...