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by Ryuxakuta
20 Feb 2016 04:28
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Low Texture Graphic 2016
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Low Texture Graphic 2016

Hello. I bought TMUF from Steam last few days ago,and the graphic texture is very low and blurry. I have tried the VeryHighQuality preset and AGP in Advanced Setting, the Distro, the patch, replacing Default.SystemConfig.Gbx, Nothing Works (Except for the .Gbx, but it works once, and return to norma...
by Ryuxakuta
19 Feb 2016 09:58
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Stuck with low-res textures (hud/track)
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Re: Stuck with low-res textures (hud/track)

Well, I tried the solution from partin1536, it work once, and then come back to low,blurry texture.
Is there anyway to fix this permanently? Since I tried the AGP and Distro and patch thingie, and it didn't work.
BTW, my driver is nVidia GEFORCE GTX 950M