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by Zerbröseler
24 Jul 2016 15:40
Forum: XAseco & XAseco2
Topic: [XAseco2] modernizer (adds support to php 5.6 and php7.0)
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Re: [XAseco2] modernizer (adds support to php 5.6 and php7.0

Thank you, This is just Great!
It works!


by Zerbröseler
12 Jul 2016 20:59
Forum: XAseco & XAseco2
Topic: XASECO (TMN/TMF) v1.16
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Re: XASECO (TMN/TMF) v1.16

Perfect, Then i can setup the Server again After an change from HDD to SSD i found out that php7.0 is out And all Package-Names are different, So i had to relearn them And then i was wondering why it is not working and searched in forums, and i found the message that mysql will removed in future ver...
by Zerbröseler
12 Jul 2016 18:39
Forum: FAQ/Tutorial forum
Topic: Music-Loop Tutorial (Especial for Beginners!)
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Music-Loop Tutorial (Especial for Beginners!)

You want to Loop your Music in your Tracks? No Problem, Its easy, And you need just one, A Track that have a identic Part from the End at the Beginning First, You need to Download Audacity, From any Page, But without Download manager! In the first part, You need to Search an Point that is identical ...
by Zerbröseler
12 Jul 2016 17:57
Forum: XAseco & XAseco2
Topic: XASECO2 (TM²) v1.03
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Re: XASECO2 (TM²) v1.03

Please Update the Plugin "Plugin.Localdatabase.php" for Php7.0 they have removed the "mysql_connect" function