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by Rally Driver
12 Oct 2016 10:59
Forum: Vehicles
Topic: How to edit a 3d model with any 3d modelers
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How to edit a 3d model with any 3d modelers

:gobananas: Hello, i wanted to know how am I gonna edit the car's model with any of the programs used with 3d modelling. But a file was formatted in dds or gbx. The car i wanted to edit is the Subaru Impreza Custom into Subaru Impreza 22b or even 22b STi and skin it with '98 wrc livery driven by col...
by Rally Driver
04 Oct 2016 10:51
Forum: Trackmania United Forever Talk
Topic: TMUF files.
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TMUF files.

:lovetm :lovetm Hi guys, I am new at united and I would really need some files for Island, Bay, Coast, Rally, Desert, Alpine and Speed. They are lack of some IMPORTANT files and that's why most the environment showed an error message "Could Not Load Challenge". :pil :pil Please send me a link for th...