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by levioSUHHHH
05 Nov 2016 08:40
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: key dont work
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Re: key dont work

if the key is not yours, chances are somebody else used it, if it is yours, then report a bug or issue to nadeo, most likely, they will say ehhhhhhh, NOPE IM NOT HELPING, but if you are lucky, they will ask for your paying key and see what account it is connected to, if the account is not yours, and...
by levioSUHHHH
05 Nov 2016 08:34
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: can i get a key please?
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can i get a key please?

im hearing about key being able to be used on at least three accounts, my dad bought the game with the key inside, but when i put it into my account it said "invalid, already used by someone else"
so if anyone can give me an extra key or something that would be great, THANKS! :roflol: and have fun