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by uranuschocklite
04 Nov 2018 22:15
Forum: Electronic Sports World Cup
Topic: TMN ESWC on Windows 10.
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Re: TMN ESWC on Windows 10.

I have to dissapoint you, but the virtual machine seems to be the only solution here. I tried this method too with Sunrise and it didn't work either... but i can run it on VM, just set up the performance to the max and it should work fine
by uranuschocklite
16 Oct 2018 14:44
Forum: Trackmania Original Talk
Topic: TM Power Up Updates
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TM Power Up Updates

Hello, I'm collecting every single TrackMania version, and i have the first TM from November 2003, but when i try to install the PowerUp! pack, it says "TrackMania not found on this computer". I tried pasting the patch to the GameData/Downloads directory, but it doesn't work either. I will be glad f...