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by slow
15 Apr 2008 14:01
Forum: News
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Yeeaaah :gobananas:

No homework, nothing else to do, mings superfast server - awesome :lovetm
by slow
20 Feb 2008 13:14
Forum: News from the Official site
Topic: Street Style 3 in video
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Re: Street Style 3 in video

If you do not want to stream the movie, you can also download the full version in DivX-Avi-Format here:

Have fun :3
by slow
27 Jul 2007 16:13
Forum: Movies / Replays / MT clips
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The VLC Player can open *.mov, too. :D
by slow
09 Jan 2007 21:46
Forum: Trackmania Nations Forever Talk
Topic: ESCW 2007!!!
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LOL ZOOZ :D :D :mrgreen:
by slow
08 Jan 2007 14:45
Forum: ManiaLinks (TMU-F)
Topic: ManiaCode Tutorial
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Could someone please translate the ManiaLink tutorial from french into english?

I couldn't find a tutorial to that :?

Thank you :wink:
by slow
07 Jan 2007 14:33
Forum: ManiaLinks (TMU-F)
Topic: HotMusic (test)
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Hm, its ... white :D

No, seriously, i like it although we dont have the same taste in music :lol:
Unfortunately the Eternity dl doesnt work :?
by slow
07 Jan 2007 01:52
Forum: Trackmania United Forever Talk
Topic: New graphics card or more RAM? Lag problem
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Do you have v2.0.9 ?
I noticed a significant performance boost within the last TMU updates :wink:
by slow
17 Dec 2006 14:06
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: New server ports in TMU 2.0.7?
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New server ports in TMU 2.0.7?

Hi, when I tried to host a server in TMU yesterday nobody could join as if I hadnt opened the right ports. The strange thing about this is that this is what I did some weeks before and it worked fine. So, did Nadeo change the server ports in v2.0.7? EDIT: Problem solved - the ports were forwarded to...
by slow
08 Dec 2006 13:25
Forum: Trackmania United Forever Talk
Topic: Your Graphics Settings?
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Wow, according to this I could play stadium on even higher settings :) Actually not -.-
There is a HUGE difference between the environments. I got 140fps on desert, while I'm happy if I get 25fps on stadium :cry:
by slow
01 Dec 2006 21:57
Forum: FAQ/Tutorial forum
Topic: Mod Textures - High quality D N S maps - how to make it work
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I presume that there is no way to get the normal maps onto skins? :lol:
I think you could do some cool effects with that 8)
by slow
18 Nov 2006 15:52
Forum: Skins
Topic: New Desert Wireframes?
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New Desert Wireframes?

Hi all,
I just wanted to ask if Nadeo is going to release the new wireframes for the new Desert model :?:
There are a few things which would be easier to skin if we had the wireframes (for example the new bumpers at the back of the car) :wink:

Thank you :)
by slow
17 Nov 2006 15:44
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: [United]Community Code?
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[United]Community Code?

can anyone tell me where to get my community code? I just cant find it :D
by slow
09 Nov 2006 16:20
Forum: News
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Hell yeah!!
But i just cant understand why theres no release for Germany :evil:
by slow
14 Oct 2006 15:36
Forum: Trackmania Talk
Topic: TMU Phrasebook
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Shame on you Ogro! Ogro was much cooler :x
by slow
13 Oct 2006 13:34
Forum: News
Topic: Information about the TM-United beta.
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Wait a moment... THis time its no joke? :D