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by Digital Anime
12 Jun 2007 10:55
Forum: Trackmania United Forever Talk
Topic: track mania united f-secure
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I'm using AntiVir at this moment and that one has no issues with all the TrackMania games. There is a free version available for personal use at Only bad thing is that I cannot schedule the update so when it's updating it will slow down yer computer a bit while playing a game....
by Digital Anime
11 Jun 2007 11:45
Forum: Trackmania United Forever Talk
Topic: Should TMU have a proper split screen mulitplayer mode?
Replies: 39
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I think it would be a great option if friends came over and with enough gamepads, we could challenge eachother directly, and not have to wait till it's my turn. And as a Monitor I'm using a 32" TV, so if the screen would split up in half the game still should be playable. I agree that I like to play...
by Digital Anime
11 Jun 2007 09:49
Forum: Trackmania United Forever Talk
Topic: Cheaters Black List
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Should't be hard for Nadeo to think of something that compares the time of the replay with the online time... I still hope that this kind of cheaters will be banned from the ladder... If you only want happy endings go watch some Disney movies instead of cheating.
by Digital Anime
11 Jun 2007 09:38
Forum: Trackmania United Forever Talk
Topic: Cd problem
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1- Check if you can open the disc in Windows itself to see if you can see the files yes/no
2- Try another drive if you have more drives in your PC
3- Disable any CD/DVD image mounting software
4- If not original buy the original game... :wink:

Hope this will help
by Digital Anime
11 Jun 2007 09:19
Forum: Trackmania United Forever Talk
Topic: Steam Version - Get rid of Starforce (Devs)!!!!
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I hope that the keys from the DVD version will work with steam also. This would mean that I do not need the DVD all the time when I want to play TrackMania United. Just enter the key in steam and the dowload starts directly. Sometimes I feel like a DJ swapping all those CD's and DVD's... It's not th...
by Digital Anime
11 Jun 2007 01:36
Forum: Trackmania United Forever Talk
Topic: i lost my multiplayer key
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The only option I can think of is the player profile file if you didn't unistall on the older computer yet. under My Documents\TrackMania United\Profiles you should find files which look like this "username.profile" If you open them with wordpad you should see a lot of unreadable stuff, but there al...
by Digital Anime
11 Jun 2007 00:56
Forum: Trackmania United Forever Talk
Topic: Playing against replays in multiplay possible?
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Playing against replays in multiplay possible?

I'm running a dedicated server for a few months now, first with only TMN and now with TMU and now I'm thinking that it would be great if there was an option to add a replay on the server in case only one real player has joined. this way he doesn't feel so alone on the server. I know that there is no...
by Digital Anime
24 May 2007 23:25
Forum: Trackmania United Forever Talk
Topic: What would you like to see new/improved in next update ?
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I would like to see the following options in an update : 1- 2 axis accelerate and brake compatibility <- this should make it possible to do also donuts with an analog steering wheel like the Logitech MOMO 2- Force feedback 3- An option in the editor that some objects like for example the checkpoint ...
by Digital Anime
24 May 2007 23:13
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Brakes?
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i'd say your wheel has got a seperate axis for gas and brake, and trackmania doesn't support it so pressing the pedal for 50% is probably standing still, releasing it is backwards, flooring it is forwards but i'd say it may be best to ditch the weel and use the keyboard or an analog pad. a steering...
by Digital Anime
19 May 2007 11:19
Forum: News
Topic: Disallowed usernames
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What might be another idea is to create a small plugin yourself for PHPbb, if you use standard plugins where you need to enter the correct text seen on the picture for example there is a big chance that bots have somtething against that already, because anyone can get to that source. A friend of min...
by Digital Anime
26 Mar 2007 22:54
Forum: FAQ/Tutorial forum
Topic: Playing official on your own server: SOLVED!!!!
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Mistral and for someone who isn't using a router but instead a LAN connection between network cards and using internet connection sharing? :cry: I solved this at my place... :twisted: My modem doesn't support NAT loopback, and I wanted to solve this without buying new hardware. At first all my comp...
by Digital Anime
16 Mar 2007 13:27
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: incorrect server??
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Same here, it is something worldwide I guess... If only the Ladder was down we could still login normally, so this is something else. Stupid thing is that my dedicated server is still running :P

Hope the Nadeo people will fix it pronto... :wink:
by Digital Anime
15 Feb 2007 14:14
Forum: ToolBox
Topic: Aseco Plugin: AutoTimeLimit [NEW: 06-01-2007]
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I tried the plugin a few times, but after activating the plugin the Map names don't show up anymore in Aseco itself. Here is the software I'm using on my server : Windows XP Professional SP2 Dedicater server version 30/05/2006 running TM Nations in TimeAttack Aseco 0.6.1 beta ServerMania v0.87 (CE) ...
by Digital Anime
08 Feb 2007 13:46
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Mods do not show after playing for a while, shows as default
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Mods do not show after playing for a while, shows as default

Hi, I have a Dedicated Server for TM Nations running for a few weeks now and downloaded about 630Mb of mods to make my tracks look a bit more interesting. Everyone can see the mods correctly, but after switching some tracks the mods do not appear anymore and people will see the default mod from that...