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by SilPho
17 May 2007 21:13
Forum: Trackmania Talk
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Hasn't been fixed as far as I can see, was it working before?
by SilPho
10 May 2007 17:14
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Full screen on dual head gfx card secondary display?
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If you're doing it from a laptop you can just turn off the multi screen and then send the output to the other monitor. (Usually Fn + F5) you may however need to set your laptop's resolution out of it's normal native range in order for the secondary monitor to have the correct resolution. This way yo...
by SilPho
01 May 2007 09:02
Forum: Trackmania Sunrise Talk
Topic: Original Music
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Original Music

Odd request, but can someone tell me the titles of the songs that were in each environments music folder. I copied all of the music from each environment into each folder, putting 12 songs in each folder, now I want to restore it to splitting them again, but I can't remember which one was which. I k...
by SilPho
01 May 2007 08:49
Forum: Trackmania Nations Forever Talk
Topic: Starforce? NO thanks
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Can I ask, why does TMN have Starforce if it's a free game?
by SilPho
01 May 2007 08:42
Forum: Trackmania United Forever Talk
Topic: can i download...
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If you want to download TMU. Here's your link; If you want to download a free Trackmania game you want this one; If that's not what you had ...
by SilPho
30 Apr 2007 19:25
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Forum template problem (can't edit profile)
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I know bumping threads is frowned upon, but could someone look in to this?