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by da-HoFFi
07 May 2009 16:40
Forum: Stickers / Flags
Topic: Aftermarket Decals (Tuning-Logos)
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Aftermarket Decals (Tuning-Logos)

Hello, some people just like me prefer in-game-editor for edeting cars. And I always missed a good collection of "Aftermarket-Tuning-Decals". So I created ca. 200 of them. They have to be used as STENCILS (Documents\Trackmania\Painter\Stencils) Here are some of them:
by da-HoFFi
21 Apr 2009 05:44
Forum: Vehicles
Topic: 2d and Gimp....
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Re: 2d and Gimp....

Just visit google and download the DDS-Plugin for GIMP. Then unzip your cars zip-file and edit the files. (Shadow) (Skin) (Skin while driving on dirt) (Rims, interior,...) (...) (objects of which shall be il...