[Solution] "Cant contact Server" / ISP shaping p2p Traffic

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Re: [Solution] "Cant contact Server" / ISP shaping p2p Traffic

Post by jobson1980 » 16 Dec 2008 11:09

Hitokiri wrote:hi people

im having traffic shaping problems i think :S i have a few RST lines in wireshark

i tried your solution but after i installed proxycap and reboot i lost connection to the internet :S nothing connects, browsers, msn or tmnf...nothing, probably its something obvious but i dont know,i have Your Freedom and proxycap both running at the same time but the internet doesn't work,and when i uninstall proxycap it works again

i cant understand :S

i hope that some of you can help me, because i cant play in any server in weeks

and just in case can you tell me how to configure proxyway and/or http-tunnel? i did note see any place in these programs to add TmForever.exe and i assume that these programas are to be used along with your freedom

sorry the big text and the bad english
I've the same problem as described above... When im in the wizard of YourFreedom, then i lost my connection to internet, and even Trackmania Nations Forever don't startup (only for playin offline)..

I want to play TMF online!!! but How?

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Re: [Solution] "Cant contact Server" / ISP shaping p2p Traffic

Post by R1SK » 01 Jan 2009 01:46

facialBump wrote:Thanks for the useful tutorial, TrabTowN!

Upon playing the game for some minutes, I would get the following error message: "Could not contact server. Connection to <IP:port> failed or disconnected from server (10060)"

TrackManiacs, if you experience this problem, please follow this simple tutorial:

- in the PeerToPeer configuration tab, untick both "Enable download" and "Enable upload";

- install "Your Freedom," then create an account and connect to a P2P-friendly server;

- install "SocksCap," then configure it entering "localhost" as the SOCKS v5 server;

- add the "TmForever" executable, then double-click the icon to start the game;

- connect to TrackMania's servers, defeating the P2P-traffic-shaping ISPs.

Software can be get here:


http://files.filefront.com/sc32r240exe/ ... einfo.html

Happy playing, you crazy speedy, online arcade-racing folks ;)

Relevant tag keywords:
"out-of-sync online issues"
"connection failed solution"
"TrackMania server problem"
"disconnection error message"
"disconnected from server fix"
"persistent disconnections ISP"

I tried this and i am still getting dissconected, is there any other ways of fixing this?

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Re: [Solution] "Cant contact Server" / ISP shaping p2p Traffic

Post by xmoor » 09 Jul 2009 18:38

hi well its happened to us now "contacting server " & thats as far as we get... i say we as we have 2 computers both playing TM same time..
Never a prob before today !
ISP Tiscali
phoned them & normal excuses no problem there end we arnt blocking blah blah
so quoted some experiances from forum to them
they then blamed us for using high ammount & slowing down 4 of our neighbours...I had to chuckle...
i said fix the problem plz or we move to diff ISP
plz dont they said try connecting again later !

So can anyone advise of superb supplier in southwest england ? more so north devon ?

thanks guys missing TM already Xmoor & Elayne

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Re: [Solution] "Cant contact Server" / ISP shaping p2p Traffic

Post by nocturne » 05 Feb 2010 23:23

Just a sidenote... if you are in the USA, it is illegal for an ISP to shape or limit traffic based on content or protocol, or even time of day (and you can help keep it this way by contacting your congresspeople with a statement in opposition to the unduly named Net Neutrality Act). The FCC mandates that all content be available to all, and that connectivity be distributed as evenly as possible. This however does not guarantee the performance of the providing networks your ISP uses, and how your connectivity will perform across the US or between continents.

Outside the USA, well... call a government representative up and chew them out. A good opening line would be: 'Hell, even in the USA...'. You pay for your connection, and the right to actually use it -- there's no reason you should be the one to make the concessions.

Reference news link: http://arstechnica.com/old/content/2008 ... losure.ars

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Re: [Solution] "Cant contact Server" / ISP shaping p2p Traff

Post by Ant » 07 Apr 2010 21:52

Zooz wrote:NOTE: Only do this if you are absolutely sure it's your ISP's problem. If you have p2p problems, you should first check if your ports are open, firewall isn't blocking anything, etc. Try http://www.canyouseeme.org.

Even then, the best solution is of course switching ISP, because by being subscribed to an ISP that does traffic shaping you only help fund and support this practise of limiting what you can do with your connection, while you still pay the same. This is only a temporary solution until you can switch to a less restrictive ISP, really.

I know this was a long time ago, but I have problems sometimes with disconnecting from game servers, I just tried the canyouseeme link and got this.

Code: Select all

Error: I could not see your service on (My IP)  on port (2350)
Reason: Connection timed out
This happens for all TM ports.

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