.Net framework 3.0

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.Net framework 3.0

Post by Masleyko » 19 Jan 2008 15:55

Hello, some questions about .NET frameworks.
Whichone has to be installed and whichone cannot be installed?
I`ve got .Net framework 1/2/3 with all service packs installed on my PC.
When i installed the newest one(3.0 with SP1) my TMN rapidlly slowed down. I`m not sure, but with .net3.0 was possibly instaled SP1 to NET2.0.
What i have to do to regain earlier performance? Which one of them should i uninstall?
After installing 3.0+SP1 and possibly .NET2.0SP1 my TMeasy has lot of bugs and errors. What`s that gonna be?

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