Can't change graphics back to default quality

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Can't change graphics back to default quality

Post by DocWalrus » 26 Apr 2008 02:54

So I got TMNF today and I've loved it so far, aside from the annoying messages that get in the way every time I join a server. The ones you have to click "OK" or whatever so it'll go away and you can play. I was playing about ten minutes ago, and a box came up saying my framerate was bad (it wasn't) and said something was wrong. so I clicked "OK" so it would go away, and then the screen goes black and when it goes back to normal, the awesome graphics are suddenly horrible. Everything's low quality and the resolution is messed up so that stuff gets cut off at the side of my monitor screen. And there isn't a graphics menu where I can fix this. At least, not that I found. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Can't change graphics back to default quality

Post by Xymph » 26 Apr 2008 08:39

Move mouse to upper right corner, click on graphics settings icon, revert to desired resolution. Or use the Display tab in the launcher.
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Re: Can't change graphics back to default quality

Post by Runningman » 26 Apr 2008 20:49

if you installed through steam:
  • 1. when the popup comes up select trackmania settings OR right click the game and select trackmania settings
    2. read bottom
if you installed through the official .exe:
  • configure
    2. click advanced
have fun experimenting, you can make it look shitty but still nice if your good. and theres more options under each tab, use common sense

SCREEEN RESOLUTION is a touchy thing, if you run a low resolution and on high res monitor your system actually has to work harder EXPANDING the pixels to fit on the screen, so test high resolution and low resolution

ie: antialiasing NONE, shader quality pc1 OR pc2, medium shadows, texture quality HIGH, max filtering trillinear, post processing ON, force dynamic colors ON, force bloom ON.
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