Very Distorted Graphics

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Very Distorted Graphics

Post by blue_murder » 05 May 2008 19:51

When playing trackmania at some points on the map my graphics begin to distort very badly. It has begun to happen more lately, it is almost unplayable and sometimes the whole game pauses.

This only happens on TMNationsForever, the only one I have at some points on the map. It does not happen on other games.

I have 2.0 Ghz processor Intel, 768MB Ram at 400Mhz (Rimms), Geforce 6600.

If I turn the settings down I can bench 60 Fps approx so I do not think it is a performance issue.

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Re: Very Distorted Graphics

Post by quiquag » 05 May 2008 22:25

by distorted do you mean you are seeing alot of artifacting?

Typically, this would be a heat issue. if you start the game and it's fine, then a couple minutes later it happens and just gets worse, I would say it is defiantly your graphics card overheating.

Open up your case and blow out any dust that you can.
Might also check to ensure that the fan on the graphics card is working. (Be careful when you are working inside your case, if you don't have a grounding wire, keep one hand on an unpainted, metal section of the case, that will ground you to the case without harming any of the electronics, and eliminates the chance of static discharge.

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Re: Very Distorted Graphics

Post by Runningman » 07 May 2008 05:44

artifacts = overclocked card(badly done) or dieing card
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Re: Very Distorted Graphics

Post by Steve_59 » 07 May 2008 08:20

Runningman wrote:artifacts = overclocked card(badly done) or dieing card
Or simply a dusty video card or bad airflow in the case.
Cleaning the card and case is a free option that can be tried before having to spend money :D
Wham! BAM! Thank you ma'am!

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