multicore/multithread optimization?

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Re: multicore/multithread optimization?

Post by Tom.CZ.73 » 27 Apr 2009 16:30

TStarGermany wrote:one comment: i got a core2duo system and only turning the multithread option OFF will eliminate the stuttering i had when playing the game earlier.
I can sign that

I did some testing on Core i7. In one test i used 1 cores and HT on, in second 2 cores and HT off, in both cases both physical/logical cores were loaded at same level - c.75%. It's exact opossite of I described earlier. Probably becouse Vista consume too much CPU time. When I run TM on PC with default bios setting (8 physical cores) I can see one core fully loaded. Still I dont get why is one core fully loaded in default bios setting. Maybe unprecise detection as Leak said

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