Chat lagging or is it something else?

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Taco John
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Chat lagging or is it something else?

Post by Taco John » 31 May 2010 23:12

I've been playing in a short maps server on TMNF (the free one) for a couple years, and the last week or so i haven't been able to chat in the server. Every once and a while it works okay so that I can chat with people, but then it will randomly lag or something and anything I type does not show up. I can read everything else, and it doesn't look like lag (they are saying things about something that is happening at the time, not what happened 3-4 minutes ago. I turn my anti-virus off before I join as well, so I know it isn't that. I have a firewall, but it's never caused a problem before, and the game is allowed in the firewall, so that shouldn't be it.

It also does it on a nascar server I play at sometimes, so it isn't server specific as best I can tell.

Is there something else going on (like the server only allows for paid players to chat, or is it some glitch?

and it's obviously not just not showing up on my screen, because no one will respond to stuff I ask. When I type, i see nothing when I hit enter, and no one responds to what I typed like it never happened. Don't really want to pay for the game as I don't play enough to pay $50 for basically the same thing and some new models....

thanks I hope...

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Re: Chat lagging or is it something else?

Post by w1lla » 03 Jun 2010 16:44

what are the server or servers names so we maybe can check if its true and investigate the problem you are having

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