Before Asking anything, check the FAQ!!!

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Before Asking anything, check the FAQ!!!

Post by Acegikmo » 04 May 2006 05:11

We have had lots of questions that's already answered in the FAQ forum.
Please check it out before posting your question.
You can also try the search button.
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Re: Before Asking anything, check the FAQ!!!

Post by Alinoa » 09 Dec 2013 14:28

FYI: When TMUF or TMNF Will Not Load
oscarian wrote:Hi guys, just wanted to make this post FYI. I had an issue with TMUF not loading from Steam. I downloaded TMNF and installed, and found that it also would not load, so I realised the problem was not Steam. I think noticed my virus program, Norton Internet Security 2012, had its own Firewall separate from the Windows7 Firewall. After disabling the Norton Firewall, my game loaded.

So I thought I'd make this post in case any other people are having the same issue. It's usually possible to disable your Virus Checker's Firewall by right-clicking on the programme's icon in the Tray (usually at the far right of the Taskbar, at the bottom of your screen). If not, you may need to "Open" the programme to disable the Firewall.

I personally disable my Windows Firewall upon installation, no matter what the Windows version (currently I am using Win7-Pro) because most Internet Routers have their own Firewall and it's not usually effective to have a Software Firewall that's sitting "behind" a Hardware Firewall like a Router - so I cannot say for sure whether you will also need to disable your Windows Firewall in order to get the game to load.

Anyway, hope this helps!

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