TMUF CD-Key Recovery and Redownload Panic

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TMUF CD-Key Recovery and Redownload Panic

Post by CupCakeRain » 21 Jun 2011 10:15

Hello guys and thankew for reading my post.
I purchased a copy of TMUF a lot of time ago (~2 years) and i want to get back playing it after long abandon.

My primary problem is the recovery of my CD-Key, i had it inside an email /w TMUF download link but it lost now, courtesy of Hotmail :grmblz:
If i scan some piracy websites i may find outdated version of TMUF, but that still doesnt solves the problem that my CD-Key is lost forever :cry:

This is not attempt of getting TMUF for free, i think i even have a payment log at my Paypal account.

I know theres a several tricks where you salvage the CD-Key from the TMUF Settings, but that doesnt help since i reformatted my PC over 9000 times since i last played Trackmania.

Sorry for long post, can someone help me with my problem?

EDIT: I have found another guy with a similar problem here, a month has passed and he didnt got even 1 reply.

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Re: TMUF CD-Key Recovery and Redownload Panic

Post by Dualor » 21 Jun 2011 22:13

Isn't there a way you can request your code with your email?

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Re: TMUF CD-Key Recovery and Redownload Panic

Post by El Fuego » 22 Jun 2011 15:23

I can help regarding the download of TMUF (send me a PM), but not with the CD key.
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