TMNF Graphics are blurry (pics inside)

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TMNF Graphics are blurry (pics inside)

Post by PabloMt2 » 22 Mar 2013 22:03

First time installing TMNF on this computer, I can run the extreme settings no problem, but some of the textures are really blurry.

1) Image

First, the image of this "ad" (how should I call it) is really blurry

2) Image

In this second and last picture I highlighted the parts where it's really blurry. The game overall is on extreme details (I atleast think, it looks nice) except these parts. (And maybe the medal part is little bit blurry too, when I look at it)

I have two versions of the game, both have these problems.

Nonsteam version: 2.11.11
Steam version: 2.11.16

Listing my PC specs is just waste of time I guess, since I have no fps problems, but I should at least mention the graphics. I have ATI Radeon HD 6670, and I just installed new drivers with no effect though. Help please! =(

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