3GB GPU bug, white screen at startup. Game works on IGPU

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3GB GPU bug, white screen at startup. Game works on IGPU

Post by UltraMedicated » 22 Jul 2014 12:29

Hello i'm having that annoying little bug where the game won't load any textures/completely glitch out/show a white screen at startup when you have a gpu with more than 2047MB of memory as the game uses a signed 32-bit instruction to ask for the GPU's memory, which overflows and returns a negative amount. i'm on the latest version of TMN and that was what keeped me from buying the latest paid version on steam even if it was only R$3,00. Does anyone know a fix?

Relevant information



OS: Windows 8.1 x64

GPU: EVGA GTX 780 (going to upgrade to SLI evga gtx 780 dual acx cooler 6GB i hope this problem doesn't get any worse :P) Also have the intel hd 4600 graphics connected to a secondary monitor for basic stuff while i game, the game works on it as it doesn't have more than 2047MBs of video ram

Ram: 2x Corsair 1333mhz 8192MB

CPU: Intel core i7 4770

Mobo: Asrock z87m pro4

Hard drives: 1x 1TB western digital and 1x 500GB samsung, plus external SSD as pen drive

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