My account?

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highway camper
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My account?

Post by pyxolo » 23 Aug 2014 04:15

Before all, I've been searching on the forum if this had happened to anyone else and I'm not totally sure what it is about but... and I registered to ask you for help.

I bought TMUF a long, long time ago. Today I installed it again in another laptop and using the SAME ACCOUNT I couldn't convert my account...

I wonder if, at least, I can find the account associated with my key. It should be in your databases...

I don't really know because when I first started it it didn't work either :\

Please, any help? Thanks !!

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road tourist
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Re: My account?

Post by Mizu » 23 Aug 2014 06:02

You most likely need at least the mail that goes with the key to get your ID back, contact the Ubisoft support.


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