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[TMUF] Unplayable lag, not caused by slow computer

Posted: 08 Dec 2014 02:58
by browner87
I've played this game countless times on this PC before, but after a recent re-install, installing TrackMania United Forever leaves me with an unplayable game. It lags about 1-3 seconds between every frame. Even on the main menus. Even selecting my account. Everything stutters hardcore. VSYNC is on, settings are all low. Any ideas how to fix this?

Also- I notice a bunch of new crap in this version - options for 3D glasses and stuff. Somehow I don't have any old copy of the installer for the game. Is it possible to get a version of the installer from ~1 year ago? I can only find 1 version on the website, no archives. Nor on any other website...