[TMS] CONNECTION Incorrect Masterserver reply

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[TMS] CONNECTION Incorrect Masterserver reply

Post by Barlew » 14 Dec 2014 11:16

Attempting to install TMStadium on a Desktop PC. I already have TM sucsessfully running on a second PC within the same home network. Can play TM fine on this PC.

Error replication steps:
Install TMStadium
Click Sign Up
Enter new username
Enter password
Confirnm password
Click OK
Click Planet icon within 'Choose Your Zone field'
Error returned "Incorrect masterserver reply"

Steps to fix:
All these have been unsucsessful

Turn off Firewall (Comodo Internet Security) - Result=No affect on issue
Turn off Anti Virus (Avast Free Anti Virus) - Result=No affect on issue
Add the following to HOST file - Result=No affect on issue mp02.maniaplanet.com mp01.maniaplanet.com mp03.maniaplanet.com game.maniaplanet.com

-Hardware = AMD X4 740 Quad Core 3.20GHz, 8GB ram
-System = Windows 7. PC has 3 users, Want to install TMS for each, but initially testing and recieving error against Admin login
-Network = No issues as other PC connects fine. Each has their own static LAN ip address
-Default browser = Internet Explorer
-Antivirus and firewall = Avast Free Anti Virus & Comodo Internet Security

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Re: [TMS] CONNECTION Incorrect Masterserver reply

Post by Alinoa » 15 Dec 2014 10:17

Which game did you purchase exactly? TMS is usually used for talking about Trackmania Sunrise.
TMStadium doesn't exist. It's Trackmania2 Stadium that you can download here: http://maniaplanet.com/en/trackmania/stadium/
To add a server in your favorit list, copy this link in your game’s browser address bar

For direct hosting open to all, write <hide_server>1</hide_server> in the command line and use

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Re: [TMS] CONNECTION Incorrect Masterserver reply

Post by eXtreme34 » 20 Dec 2014 15:04

I think he/she talks about TMNF ;)
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