TMNF won't launch right unless I use integrated graphics

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TMNF won't launch right unless I use integrated graphics

Post by zak7572 » 14 Sep 2015 06:18

First of all, specs:
MSI GT72 2QD (laptop)
Windows 10 Home
GTX 970M w/6gb VRAM (latest drivers)
12gb RAM
i7 4910HQ @ 2.5GHz/3.5GHz (turbo)

So I installed TMNF recently on Steam and I've been having an issue launching it. When I started the launcher, it says my video card performance hasn't been found, and when it runs the quick bench, it can't retrieve any information. Despite that, it says "GTX 970M" in my advanced settings page.

When I start the game, it either closes itself immediately after the window appears, or runs as an unreadable white screen. It depends on the graphics settings I change, though I don't know which ones. I've tried:

- running with testapp.exe in game folder
- trying various graphic defaults with and without AA/Vsync/AF
- with and without dual monitor
- turning off Norton firewall
- using integrated graphics

The last one actually worked though, so that tells me it has something to do with the graphics card. Considering switching between the graphic systems requires a restart and limits me to medium settings, I'd rather not have to deal with it.

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