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How do I restore my game progress from my computer in TMUF?

Posted: 12 Jan 2017 21:45
by turbogrit
Owned TM-games: TMU,TMUF,T2C,T2V,T2S

Hi I am having problems with my Trackmania united forever account (TMUF) after I accidentally deleted it from the account login page 'select your profile'. :x :shock: The game is installed and fully working otherwise.

My computer runs on windows 10 home and I want to recover my lost data,medals,maps,horns,skins,maps,maps/maps mods.etc... from my deleted account.

When I log in on computer onto my TMUF account in the game I can see the replays/times ghost but all the tracks are locked and only the tracks that you start with have my medals on them. If I play a few of the tracks to unlock the next tracks (i.e earn a bronze medal in the previous 5 tracks to unlock this track) it still shows my ghosts and times but not my medals.

Where and how can I find all my game saved progress/unlock the tracks and medals attached to each track in TMUF?Is their a place on my computer where it saves all the medals I have ever earned by racing or is it saved on the NADEO server ? :?

Any help or support about this issue will be appreciated,as I am really frustrated with this issue.

Re: How do I restore my game progress from my computer in TM

Posted: 13 Jan 2017 09:39
by Alinoa

Medals are not saved on the master time so that's why you see your ghosts and times but not your medals.
Before deleting a profile, you have to save information stored in your C:\Users\Name of the user\Documents\TrackMania.