Broken client-side SP score

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Broken client-side SP score

Post by Rollup » 29 Nov 2017 07:00


So I've had my cheated (puzzle A02 and C01, these times are from awhile ago) times removed from the actual servers (I believe, as the SP doesn't show up on something like TM-Ladder), but it still shows up in game for me. I know that I shouldn't be shown up as #716 in the world, and have 1,095,574 SP. I'm pretty sure this is only client side, and I'd definitely like to be able to see my actual rank in game.
It also still shows Puzzle A02 and Puzzle C01 with their "official" times.

I also get the message "Players have complained about your behaviour on this game server. Please respect the good behaviour chart or you'll be banned from this server." every time I log into the game.

If there's any way that this can be fixed, any help would be much appreciated. :D

Thank you,

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