To get your questions answered properly, read this

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To get your questions answered properly, read this

Post by Acegikmo » 11 Oct 2006 05:45

Creating a thread with the title "NEED HELP!!!" and you post "The game crashes in the editor!" You won't get much help at all.
So, when you ask something, include this:

-Game name (TMO, TMSX, TMN, TMU)
-System (Processor, Graphics card, RAM etc.)
-Log file (If you get any in a crash, it lies in the game's main folder)
-Environment (If it happened in a special environment, say which one. (Coast, Island, alpine, desert etc.))
-Error messages (What messages you get when the problem occurs)
-Action (What you do to make it crash)

Also, the thread title is important.
If you have a problem with the game crashing in the editor, you should post something like this:

Editor crashes in coast
When I place those blocks that goes in the edge of a mountain in water, the PC crashes.
I play TMS, and the bug occurs with the coast environment.
My system should be ok:

Radeon X850 PRO
2.5 Ghz Intel processor
1024 RAM

Do you know what's wrong?

And here's the crashlog:

Code: Select all

Here should the text in the crashlog be, Please post it last in the post since it's so long
You should follow this way of answering, otherwise people will ask you all these questions later to know more so they can help. So try to post as much information as possible in the first post.

//Moderator team :)
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Post by ScraPpy » 17 Jan 2007 22:31

Thanks moderater :lol: i came here bitter and read a few posts that didnt make a whole bunch of sense to me .So I ended up typing bitter questions as to why they were dummies, instead of bitterly answering their logical questions in a more productive..However .. no less bitter way... i just hope that the dummies can read as well as babble and with that i bid you a good day. BTW ..You have slightly taken away some of my bitterness due to ur trying to straighten out the dummies.

Sometimes I too am one of those dummies... however.... slightly more happy.

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Re: To get your questions answered properly, read this

Post by Zooz » 22 Feb 2010 16:37

Also, please note that this subforum is only meant for technical support for the games themselves. Questions about the dedicated server are meant to go in the Toolbox, and questions about dedicated server tools or other Trackmania-related tools should go in the subforum they have in the Toolbox.

For the older games (Trackmania Original and Trackmania Sunrise) it is recommended that you post any threads related to them in their own subforums (Trackmania Original/Sunrise Talk) - here in Technical Support, your thread will probably not be seen by players of those older games.