Help to get my password back

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Help to get my password back

Post by Windho » 30 Mar 2019 21:10


I play trackmania for more than 10 years now and used to automatically connect everytime but have an issue now : changed my computer and need to log in again but can't remember my password. This password has more than 10 years so i try everything but can't find it... And, so stupid i am, i never linked an email address to the account.

So my problem is i have no possibilities recovering my account but someone kind in NADEO helps me with it. I have more than 750 000 wins on this account, lots of WR and really really wants to get it back. I can give example of password that should be close to the one or ask friends that are still playing to proove that it's really my account. The login name is "windho".

Please tell me what i need to do to get my account back, who i need to contact, everything i need to do because i really miss this account which represent 10 years of my life.

Thanks for help

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Re: Help to get my password back

Post by Alinoa » 01 Apr 2019 09:10


Here is how to contact the Ubisoft support: viewtopic.php?p=219015#p219015

Best regards :)
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