Add record in window "jukebox"

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Re: Add record in window "jukebox"

Post by Xymph » 30 May 2008 17:30

Ptitzizi wrote:I understand that Xymph but the column "environement" isn't important for me 'cause I'm running only on TMNF.
I know. In XAseco the environment column in /list windows is only added on TMUF, not on TMNF.
Ptitzizi wrote:And for Xaseco, the CPS is important for me and it doesn't work like Aseco. It compares YOUR time counter to Aseco who compare with the TOP1 (am I wrong?).
Right, by default it compares with your own previous time but it doesn't store the checkpoints for your local record in the database. However, you can also compare against your own or any other Dedimania record with the /dedicps command, as those checkpoints are available from the Dedimania site. So that's a similar comparison as in A/R2, except against world records.
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Re: Add record in window "jukebox"

Post by oliverde8 » 30 May 2008 17:31

Ptitzizi wrote:
that I'm getting faster, Easy method just save the TMX in which I find it so I don't need to research in all TMX's, The only problem is if TMX is down what to do it will place that it doesn't exist but it is TMX ho is down and the track is supposed to exist in TMX, still searching for it
Hum... OK thanks a lot, I just forget your plugin :D
I don't understand why you don't display the TMX record in the window ?
:oops: don't take records in at the moment but will after the update
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Re: Add record in window "jukebox"

Post by niarfman » 10 Jun 2008 10:31

I have just founded this topic talking about the same think than my mod here : [A2.1.6/Rasp_Jukebox] Niarf/oliverde8 Mod add Rank & Score

I have noticed your remarks about env and which version of TM is used.

I will modified my mod to suit with all of that ^^.

If I can improve it, it's good !
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