[RASP Error] can any one help

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[RASP Error] can any one help

Post by Warrior » 02 Jun 2008 06:22

My Aseco shuts down often and i get these two msg.
This one is the most common
[06/01,06:59:31] player 249 finished with 01:42.90 and took the 1. WR place!
[06/01,06:59:31] [RASP Error] Could not insert time! sql=INSERT INTO rs_times (playerID, trackID, score, date) VALUES (6925, , 102900, 1212296371)
The othe is this one

[06/01,08:10:56] player 103 finished with 00:40.96 and took the 13. WR place!
[06/01,08:10:57] XMLRPC Error [-32700] - transport error - connection interrupted.
[06/01,08:10:57] XMLRPC Error [-32700] - transport error -
[06/01,08:10:57] Beginning to shutdown Aseco due to an error ...

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Re: [RASP Error] can any one help

Post by s!em » 04 Jun 2008 05:51

Maybe one of your files is corrupted?
I had problems with RASP and I just had to re-upload ASECO
or maybe your MySQL database doesn't work ?

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