Doubt with onEndRace Event

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Doubt with onEndRace Event

Post by daemon » 12 Jun 2008 02:11

Hello, as far as my testing goes, the event onEndRace is triggered whenever a track ends normally, or with commands /admin nextmap, or /admin restartmap.

I need my plugin to do one thing when track ends normally or command nextmap is used, and another thing when command restartmap is used.

My doubt is if there is a way to detect if the server is just restarting the same track, or changing to a new one, but with the onEndRace event.

Thanks. :)
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Re: Doubt with onEndRace Event

Post by nocturne » 12 Jun 2008 04:52

Well, it's certainly possible, but I'm sure not without editing the restart/skip commands in order to set a 'flag', which would be reset upon starting the next challenge. If it was a replayed map, you could set up a simple loop to catch if the track in the jukebox is the same as the current, but I doubt it would work with a restart.

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