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2 on RemoteCP

Post by Techn0 » 29 Oct 2010 21:09

what do i need to do that my friend could go on the same rcp as me ? so he could do everything on my server as me (control server)

and 1 more question....it keeps banning peoples IP's.... why ?

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Re: 2 on RemoteCP

Post by nocturne » 01 Feb 2011 07:08

Depends on your exact setup... You'd need to be running a webserver (which you'd certainly have if you have access to it), and it'd need to be hosted openly (all depends on your OS and network setup).

As for the IP bans, you'd have to check over your settings (assume you're using RCP4 Live, as the web applet doesn't cause any automatic bannings), and also check over your logs.
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